Past Presidents

In the year of 1975, two Deltas in the Bay City area along with another college student assessed the need for a Black Sorority for this area, as there were no chapters between Houston and Corpus Christi, Texas. We needed a membership of twelve Deltas, and the process of finding those twelve Deltas began. After completion of all requirements to National, the Southwest Regional Director Sandra Malone took us through "The Rights of Passage," the election of officers, and the installation of officers. We received our charter on July 23, 1977, with a vision in 1975 to a reality in 1977.

Charter Members:Danita Allen Jones, Elnora Barnes, Melinda Carr, Ethel Garrett, Mary Hall, Joy McIntosh, Natalie McKinney, Charlotte Mitchell Lott, Bobbie Murray, Faye G. Roberts, Thelma D. Smith, and Jimmie White.

Chapter History

Thelma D. Smith 1977-1979

Elise Spears 1979-1981

Faye Roberts 1981-1983

Arvis Brown 1983-1985

Joy Summers 1985-1987

Mary H. Nelson 1987-1989

Ruby Holbert 1989-1991

Rose Castilow 1991-1993

E. Faye Gordon 1993-1995

Barbara Gordon 1995-1997

Elise Spears 1997-2001

Robbie Hart 2001 -2003

Kesha Moore 2003-2005

Scherry Levi 2005-2007

Barbara Gordon 2007-2009

Muriel Buckner 2009-2011

Alisa Gordon 2011-2013

Jennifer Jones 2013-2015

Marcy Nelson-Wilson, 2015-2017